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Thursday, July 17, 2003


From OneFamilyFund
On March 21, 2002, Gadi and Tzipi Shemesh paid a visit to the ultrasound department at their health fund office in downtown Jerusalem. Tzipi was five months pregnant. During the ultrasound, they found out that Tzipi was carrying twins. They were so excited they couldn't wait to get home and tell their two daughters, Shoval,7 and Shachar, 3. But as they walked down the street to the bus stop, a terrorist blew himself up on the crowded sidewalk. Gadi and Tzipi were both killed, orphaning the two girls.

Oded and Anat Garawani have been childless for seven years. Anat was Gadi Shemesh's sister. When Gadi and Tzipi were killed, the Garawani family adopted the two small girls. Their kindness toward their two adopted children has now been repaid, as Anat Garawani gave birth to a healthy baby boy July 12th!