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Monday, July 21, 2003

Monday Morning Musings: Smell the Roses

AP caption: "Palestinians chant anti-Israel slogans during a rally . . . in Gaza City, Monday, July 21, 2003."
Why don't these people get a life?! Oh yeah, it's beyond them and it's Israel's fault. I forgot.

I am so deeply discouraged this morning. I see no mention of our rally in the Denver Post, though they did send a reporter; and Channel 4 sent a camera, but I didn't see our rally on the news. (If anybody saw or read something I missed, please let me know.) This beautiful Monday morning finds me in need of a catharctic vent. Here's my litany of our troubles:

--> Rutgers and the State of New Jersey have refused to shut down the coming anti-Israel hatefest booked on their premises for October 10-12. One just intuitively knows that they would never allow a student KKK organization to convene on their property to stir up hatred toward blacks. So, there is a line drawn somewhere, but it's not drawn such that Jews are protected. They say they are not antisemitic, yet a Google search for "rutgers" in conjunction with "anti-semitism," yields over 4,000 hits. That's a lot of free speech.

--> Also in New Jersey, while state legislators have eliminated the position of state poet laureate in order to evict Amiri Baraka from that post, he has since been named poet laureate of the Newark public school system. See a compilation of his antisemitic statements and writings at this ADL site. BTW, did you know that a 130-foot swastika was carved into a cornfield in Washington Township, NJ, in 1998? Two years earlier, there was one in Burlington County.

--> Oxfam-Solidarity of Belgium feels free to boycott Israeli fruits and vegetables as a protest of the Israeli "occupation" of the terrortories. They say such an act of economic aggression, which singles out Jews, is not antisemitic. Their mission statement says that "Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty. . . " yet their Belgian affiliate actively advocates for increasing the poverty of Jews who grow fruits and vegetables. Dare we call them on their hypocrisy? And never mind the Oxfam International Code of Conduct, which requires affiliates to "demonstrate . . . cultural sensitivity" and to exclude "political affiliations or other such affiliations which may compromise its independence."

--> Pres. Bush thanked Abu Mazen for arresting a terrorist, but said nothing when that terrorist was released a few days later, after the PA had "talked with them." See ZOA July 14 press release.

--> Israel releases Palestinian prisoners, but arrests a bereaved Israeli father, Itzik Pass, father of 10-month-old Shalhavet, who was killed two years ago by a Palestinian terrorist sniper. Pass and his brother-in-law were arrested in Hebron by Shin Beit on suspicion of "security crimes." See Arutz Sheva for details.

--> The PA continues to demand, and receive, prisoner release (which was NOT mentioned in the road map), but does nothing to disrupt the operation of its terrorists (which WAS included in the road map, first sentence under "Phase I"). For instance, Saturday night, at about midnight, Palestinian terrorists opened fire at a civilian car near the Taibe checkpoint. Sunday night, one Simyon Itkin, 64 years old, was stabbed to death in Jerusalem. Less than a week ago, an Israeli was stabbed to death in Jaffa. An IDF patrol jeep was the target of a roadside bombing and sniper attack near the Jewish community of Kadim in the West Bank. And this morning, 6 Palestinians were arrested in possession of a suicide bomb belt near Bracha.

--> The New York Times, under new editorial leadership, continues to glorify Palestinians, as in James Bennett's latest, July 18: "Rising Above, with sticks, paper and string", about how sweet Palestinian children fly kites in a refugee camp in Gaza. When was the last time you saw a compassionate mainstream profile of sweet Israeli children?

--> Google News now includes Al-Jazeerah as one of its "news sources."

--> On Tuesday, July 8, the Bush Administation approved a direct payment to the Palestinian Authority of $20 million, in addition to the $200 million already given indirectly this year, through the United Nations. Ha Aretz reports that "Washington is buzzing with Palestinian ministers, advisers and businessmen." A Palestinian official in Washington called the advance of $20 million "an important message to the Palestinian people and their leadership." The question is, are Jews getting the message?

--> If you're not yet thoroughly depressed, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin was recently quoted as saying, "We are in favor of strengthening the Abu Mazen government, but he himself has asked us to meet with Arafat." I'm sure this is just a minor bump in the road map; any day now Palestinians will elect new leaders "not compromised by terror," as called for by Pres. Bush little over a year ago in the White House Rose Garden. Ah, I can just smell those roses . . .

At least Idi Amin is dead. That's something. And maybe Oxford will dismiss Prof. Wilkie. Maybe.