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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

New Palestinian Textbooks

No surprises
The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) released a report Monday about new third- and eighth-grade textbooks, and high school exams, recently introduced. According to JPost, the Palestinian Authority has replaced half of the Egyptian and Jordanian books previously used in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Choice bits from recently introduced PA eighth-grade texts:

"O brother, the oppressors have exceeded all bounds and jihad and sacrifice are necessary."

"The fire of Zionist crime has mowed the Palestinian land."

The CMIP study shows that the name "Israel" does not appear on a single map; the entire land is called "Palestine." There is no recognition of Jews as a people with any historical, cultural, or religious links to Israel or its holy places, and Jews in the present conflict are stereotyped as "oppressors" and "slaughterers."

This from a "High School Final Examination 2002" under the topic, "History of the Arabs and the Modern World, Humanistic Trend":

"Explain the reasons that made the Europeans persecute the Jews?"

[Schoolbook text relating to question:]

"The reasons which make the Europeans persecute the Jews wherever they are manifold. Among them are [the following ones]:

1. The Torah is full of many passages that strengthen the Jews' inclination for religious and racial fanaticism, inspire a spirit of malice towards the other nations, and allow [the Jews to cause] dissensions and massacres within them [those nations] and eradicate the Jews' opponents wherever they are. The Jews of Europe, due to their anti-Christian belief and their being self-centered, did not join the Western societies, and the latter remained looking at them suspiciously. Among the reasons for the [Europeans'] hatred of them as well is their sway over the economy, and even their open participation in the world of European economy.

2. The Jews' sense of racial, religious, cultural and political superiority, and their interaction with the peoples of the world basing on that sense, was an important reason for their persecution by the peoples of the world.

3. The two occupations they were good at - brokerage and money changing - had their impact on the hatred towards them on the part of the peoples of the world.

4. The association of the Jews' name with the crucifixion of the Lord Christ, peace be upon him, was a factor of the persecution of the Jews by Christian Europe. The Church depicted the Jews in its religious publications in a way that causes hatred, which exposed the Jews to European Christian persecution. [But] persecution became desired by the Jews for two reasons:

A. It could be exploited for the realization of material and moral gains.

B. It encouraged the process of making the Jews emigrate from the world to Palestine. In other words, persecution became a means for 'Zionizing' the Jews of the world."

(History of the Arabs and the Modern World, Grade 12, Humanistic, (1998) p. 122)