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Sunday, July 13, 2003


From the Commander of the Israel Defense Forces in Jerusalem to Israel's soldiers in Jerusalem
Jerusalem, 9 Tammuz 1948

Officers and Soldiers:

Tonight you will carry out a great historical task -- to liberate the walled city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, the heart of the nations, the dwelling place of the God of Israel, a symbol of our glory and greatness, the vision of our kings and prophets, our fighters and visionaries, Jerusalem -- whose name palpitates every Jewish heart in the Jewish Diaspora, ancient Jerusalem which has been hallowed by the blood of the best of our defenders, will be liberated by the Hebrew army.

Eyes of the Nation, eyes of the entire world look up to you at this hour.

Remember: We will break through the wall in order to liberate the holy city from the enemy. The enemy will not surrender their posts easily, from which they have attacked and fired upon Hebrew Jerusalem all the days of the war. Be prepared for battle.

Do not weaken and do not give up until victory.

Remember: Your are treading on holy land, your entrance into the walled city of Jerusalem should be as a united army prepared for battle and faithful to the traditions of the nation.

Remember: Jerusalem is also sacred to other religions -- Islam and Christianity -- and you should have respect for this holy place. It is forbidden to desecrate the holiness of this place in any form. Desecration of the sanctity would stain this undertaking and you in the eyes of the nation and the eyes of the entire world.

Officers, Soldiers, go forward in battle and may you be victorious, and may God watch over you and save you.