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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Oxford Bigot Big News in the Blogosphere

The American media hasn't been quick to pick up the story of Amit Duvshani, the Israeli rejected for a doctoral positon by Oxford bigot, Prof. Andrew Wilkie. It's shown up in the Drudge Report, the Chicago Sun Times, and on Brit Hume's FOX NEWS. A Google News search nets only 6-7 hits, and most of those are in the UK and Israel.

In the mind-boggling blogosphere, however, it's BIG NEWS. littlegreenfootballs is, of course, a major source, but here (in no particular order) are a few of the hundreds of other blogs which have covered the story. Kol hakavod!

Roger L. Simon
". . . we must be unrelenting in our opposition to this expanding anti-Semitism. Toward that end, I call on the readers here to continue to question the authorities at Oxford, as I imagine the far greater readership at Little Green Footballs will. I urge you all to do it with the utmost in tenacity, but (attractive as it is) without the use of invective, which is the province of the racists we despise."



The Blawgregator


Shark Blog


Turning Wheels


Secular Blasphemy
-->>A comment left at Secular Blasphemy, which I liked:
"In the 1980s, when Menachem Begin was in power and calling all critics of Israeli policy "anti-Semitic" and "Nazis," I rejected such name-calling as a transparent attempt to avoid responsibility for Israel's actions toward Palestinians under their occupation. Today, however, criticism of Israel from the Western left has become so shrill, so one-sided, and so blind toward the actions to which Israel is responding, that I have no choice but to conclude that there really is an element of anti-Israel or even anti-Jewish bigotry that the supposedly anti-racist left refuses to recognize or confront. This example - from the scientific community no less - of an individual being punished for his country's actions, only reinforces my conclusion. Oxford University should be ashamed of itself at all levels." Dave • 7/1/03; 6:10:32 AM

Croooow Blog

Amish Tech Support

Betsy's Page


an unsealed room

Kesher Talk

Con's web soapbox


As If Nothing Happened

Dust in the Light
under the heading, "Ethnic cleansing at Oxford"


Number 2 Pencil

Whew, it's amazing out there . . .