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Monday, July 07, 2003

Oy . . .

18:18 Jul-07-03
29 Intelligence Community Warnings Of Attacks
17:55 Jul-07-03
Grenade Attacks Continue In S. Gaza
17:33 Jul-07-03
11 Fragmentation Grenades Thrown At Soldiers
14:38 Jul-07-03
PM Sharon To Meet Senior Opposition Officials
11:20 Jul-07-03
Workers Attacked North of Kalkilya
11:15 Jul-07-03
Beit El East, IDF, Police Preparing for Evacuation
10:45 Jul-07-03
Confrontation at Adei Ad
09:25 Jul-07-03
Hudna - A Time to Re-Arm and Re-Organize
08:55 Jul-07-03
Protestors Converge on Haifa Courthouse
08:08 Jul-07-03
Informant Shot Dead In Front Of Ramallah Police Station
07:19 Jul-07-03
13 Arrests During The Night
06:54 Jul-07-03
Terror Organizations: Prisoner Release Or No Hudna
06:26 Jul-07-03
Mortar Shell Found In Gush Katif Yard
06:03 Jul-07-03
Mortar Shell Lands In PA-Controlled Area
02:02 Jul-07-03
Terror Victim Unable To Sleep
00:19 Jul-07-03
3,000 Bethlehem Residents Permitted Into Green Line Israel Today
23:00 Jul-06-03
Stone-Throwing Attacks Near el-Aroub
22:43 Jul-06-03
Conservative Movement Synagogue Targeted By Vandals
22:06 Jul-06-03
Firebomb Attacks In The Shomron
21:53 Jul-06-03
Hizbullah Anti-Aircraft Fire From S. Lebanon
19:55 Jul-06-03
Peres: Likud Has Lost Its Ideology
19:23 Jul-06-03
Israeli Arab Citizen Sentenced For Assisting Terrorists
18:59 Jul-06-03
PFLP Says No To PA's Hudna
18:41 Jul-06-03
A Glimpse At This First Week Of PA Ceasefire
18:05 Jul-06-03
Northern Shomron Shooting Attack
PA Residents Demonstrate For Prisoner Release
16:02 Jul-06-03
Knife Wielding Arab Released By Soldiers In Hevron
15:03 Jul-06-03
Attacker Apprehended By Soldiers In Hevron
14:39 Jul-06-03
Netanyahu Remains Opposed To Prisoner Release
14:13 Jul-06-03
Government Approves Releasing Terrorists
13:13 Jul-06-03
Three Suspected Stone-Throwers Arrested
11:58 Jul-06-03
IDF Withdrew From Hevron Last Week
11:33 Jul-06-03
Wanted Suspected Apprehended In Red Crescent Ambulance
11:11 Jul-06-03
Landau Rejects Release Of Prisoners
10:50 Jul-06-03
Bereaved Families Hold Vigil Outside Cabinet Meeting
10:40 Jul-06-03
Terror Groups Demanding Prisoner Release
10:16 Jul-06-03
Terror Warnings Continue
10:05 Jul-06-03
AG Setting Guidelines For Terrorist Release
09:43 Jul-06-03
Sharon To Present Ministers With Prisoner Release Plan
09:24 Jul-06-03
Hamas Terrorists Arrested In Hevron
09:03 Jul-06-03
Stone-Throwing Attacks Near Beit Fajar
08:48 Jul-06-03
Gunfire At IDF Position Near Rafiach Yam
08:23 Jul-06-03
Gush Shalom Calls For Releasing Barghouti
08:01 Jul-06-03
Arafat Opts To Remain In Ramallah
07:19 Jul-06-03
Military Vehicle Targeted By Gunfire In Jenin
06:59 Jul-06-03
More Attacks In Gaza
06:40 Jul-06-03
Attacks Continue Against Kfar Darom
06:23 Jul-06-03
Islamic Jihad Preparing Prisoner Release List

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