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Friday, July 04, 2003

"Providing funds to Dahlan is no different than supplying dynamite and nails to Hamas"

(Tel Aviv) Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center has written to the leaders of
British, French, German & Spanish Parliaments urging them NOT to provide the
Palestinian Authority's (PA) Preventive Security Service with any additional
funding. The letter comes in response to the recent "urgent request" from the
PA's Security Chief Mohammed Dahlan, that the European Union provide his forces
with an additional $400 million. Dahlan claims that he needs the funds in order
to rebuild and re-equip the Preventive Security Service's depleted ranks and

Despite his recent rise to prominence as PA leader Mahmoud Abbas' security boss
and his support from the Central Intelligence Agency, Dahlan and his former
deputy, Rashid Abu Shabak, are the chief suspects in the November 20, 2000,
bombing of an Israeli school bus outside of Kfar Darom (Gaza).

In the Kfar Darom attack, 2 Israeli teachers were killed and many school
children were seriously injured. U.S. citizen Rachel Asarof was wounded in the
attack and the husband of another American citizen, Gavriel Biton, was killed.
The bombing of the school bus, which crippled three young children from the same
family, shocked Israelis and brought international condemnation of the PA.

Dahlan and Abu Shabak are defendants in civil actions filed by the bus bombing
victims and their families in Israel and the United States.

In the letter to the Parliament heads, Shurat HaDin Director Nitsana
Darshan-Leitner wrote that her organization is fearful that Dahlan will use the
European funds to enlist and arm thousands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad members
in his new Gaza militia. While previously serving as head of the Preventive
Security Service, Dahlan's group had been at the forefront of terrorist attacks
initiating from Gaza. The Preventive Security Service, which also operates
under the nom de plume 'Martyrs of al-Aqsa', continues to carry out terrorist
attacks and provides safe haven to fugitive Hamas terrorists- including master
bomb maker Mohammed Deif.

In her letter to the European leaders, Darshan-Leitner noted that: "Dahlan is
still the leading suspect in the November 2000 bombing of an Israeli school bus
in Kfar Darom. This attack killed specifically targeted young children and
school teachers. To provide additional funds to Dahlan is no different than
European nations supplying dynamite and nails to Hamas."

Moreover, the letter alleges that Dahlan's Preventive Security Service officers
are guilty of numerous other terror attacks against Israeli civilians that
should be categorized as "crimes against humanity," which all European nations
have signed international conventions obligating them to prosecute.

Email: nitsana@israellawcenter.org

(Israel) 972-8-973-3336, (US) 212-591-0073

courtesty of Naomi Ragen