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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Suicide bombing kills Jewish grandmother, 63, and injures three grandchildren

JPost headline: "Islamic Jihad claims attack but leaders stand by ceasefire"
The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the suicide bombing in a private home on Moshav Kfar Yavetz. The attack killed Mazal Afari, who lived in the house, and injured three of her grandchildren.

Map published at Haaretz.com

When the media describes this moshav as anything other than "in Israel," they seem to be trying to justify such attacks, as if no Jew should have the audacity to live, i.e. "settle," in the vicinity of "Palestinian territory." If they do, what can they expect but to be blown up in their own home?! Maybe it's a small point, but it really pisses me off.

Given that it's only 10 miles or so from the West Bank to Netanya, how can anything NOT BE close to the West Bank? Of course, American media do not include maps, and the general reading public has no clue. -Yael

Washington Post / AP headline: "West Bank house hit by apparent bomb"
See map for location, and write to letters@washpost.com and or feedback@ap.org

The same AP article appears in the Boulder Daily Camera under a different headline.

BTW, the article in the Camera closes with the line: "More than 2,400 Palestinians and 800 Israelis have been killed in the fighting." Everyone should understand that these numbers give a skewed impression. The number of Palestinian dead includes those killed by their own side (12% for Palestinians), those killed in "occupational accidents" such as in the making of bombs, AND the suicide bombers themselves. When these are subtracted, the numbers dead are less strikingly dissimilar.

New York Times: James Bennet article: ". . . an Israeli home near the West Bank" Later, "The blast occurred in the village of Kfar Yavetz, in central Israel." and still later in the article, "The explosion occurred near Palestinian areas of the northern West Bank."

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