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Friday, July 18, 2003

Symposium: Road Map to What?

Benny Elon, Norman Spector and Stephen Plaut talk to FrontPageMagazine
Plaut: "These are borders that invite yet further Arab aggression. When Israel held no "occupied territories" and ruled no Palestinians, the Arabs repeatedly attacked Israel and attempted to annihilate it and its population, including in 1967. Why should anyone believe the Arabs would behave differently now if the world recreates the situation that existed before 1967?"

Elon: "Rather than solving the Palestinian problem, this 'State' will make things worse: On one side of the border a modern state with a developed economy (Israel), and on the other side, a poor protectorate, unable to provide for its citizens, who will remain bitter and frustrated."

Spector: "The root of the Mideast conflict is the non-acceptance of the legitimacy of a Jewish state, in whatever borders, in the region."

To read the dialogue in its entirety, click here.