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Thursday, July 24, 2003

To Michael Freund at the Jerusalem Post
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: Your article, "Where is American Jewry"?

Dear Mr. Freund,

I am writing in reference to the above mentioned article. Though I invariably agree with your writings on the situation in Israel, I feel compelled to respond to this. You take American Jewry (of which I am one) to task for not screaming more about Abu Mazen. But how do pro-Israel activists like myself continue day after day to argue against Mazen and against a Palestinian state when Sharon and the Israeli government itself are wooing this man and catering to him at every turn??!!

I am fully aware of the pressure the U.S. brings to bear on Israel in these matters. Nevertheless, how can we expect foreign governments to take the issues of the slaughter of Jews and anti-Semitism seriously when the Israeli government -- the only government on the face of this planet whose declared aim is to protect Jews -- fails to do so and, further, encourages the aspirations of the Palestinians to destroy the Jewish state. From reinstating Arafat and rehabilitating him from his exile in Tunisia to its current negotiations with -- and release of -- terrorists, the Israeli government is setting an example that is incredibly destructive, in my humble opinion. To the best of my knowledge, the aim of AIPAC, whom you criticize in your article, is to support the Israeli government, not to set its own policy. So when the Israeli government deals with the likes of Mazen and Dahlan, what is an American organization dedicated to supporting Israeli policy supposed to do and say??!!

I recently returned from Israel where I participated in Shurat haDin's mission for lawyers (though I am not a lawyer). Our first night there, we were welcomed by Ra'anan Gissin who assured us that this time, as they deal with Mazen, the Palestinians' feet would be held to the fire if they do not comply the conditions of the roadmap. He reminded me of a parent who repeatedly tells his children, "I really mean it this time.. No, NOW I really mean it.. Now I REALLY REALLY mean it..." And meanwhile, all I can see is Oslo repeating itself.

It's not the American government's responsibility to protect Jews or even to protect the Jewish state. I say shame on the Israeli government for dealing with these murderers and for failing to forcefully protect its citizens by doing everything in its power to crush the formation of yet another Arab terrorist state.

Thank you for all your good work on behalf of Israel.

Jessica S.
Boulder, Colorado

Kol hakavod, Jessica!