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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Daniel Pipes Nomination at stake

The Bottom Line, from Alyssa Lappen
The bottom line: We CANNOT afford to be complacent. We have through the August recess. That's it. EVERYONE has to work hard on this nomination of Daniel Pipes. We Have to make it understood that this man has been smeared by people who have been at lobbies shouting "Death to America, Death to the Jews." We have to expose their hatred of America and of Israel, now, before they can time to destroy this vote. We have to expose their lies, and we have to expose why they are lying. Because they want to make America an Islamic nation, and Daniel Pipes knows that. That makes him dangerous to radical Islam.

From Sarah Stern at Washington ZOA office, July 24, 2003:
We have been hard at work on this issue. Daniel Pipes is a very close friend of mine, and he called me as soon as he learned of the nomination from the White House.

The meeting of the committee was yesterday, and it was a fiasco....The Arab lobby, particularly the Council for American Islamic Relations, totally brainwashed the democratic side of the aisle with slanderous attacks on Daniel. The worst were from Kennedy and Harkin. There was not a single shred of truth attached to the allegations...I and my assistant Ben Lerner had been lobbying Senate staffer-friends on this issue since I first learned of this nomination from Daniel. However, the Republicans were caught with their pants down...Most thought that this would be a shoe-in, and it was obvious that the staffers we met with had not prepared their bosses adequately.

The Republicans walked out of the room...The issue will probably be taken up again after the August recess. It is extremely important that we lobby and lobby hard for Daniel.

It goes through the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.
Barbara Mikulski is a swing vote, and is a member of the committee. Please have everyone you know flood the phone banks of Barbara Mikulski in support of Daniel Pipes' nomination to the Peace Institute....I literally mean everyone! The same goes for Hilary Clinton.

If you need any facts on CAIR or on Daniel, please email me.
Sarah N. Stern
National Policy Coordinator
Zionist Organization of America
202-204-2560 (office)
202-204-2561 (fax)
301-922-9667 (cell)

From Jeffrey H. Schneider: FYI
President Bush has nominated Daniel Pipes to serve on the Board of Directors of the US Institute for Peace, an agency that tries to reduce the frequency, severity, and consequences of political violence around the world. Dr. Pipes is an academic who has written voluminously on extremism within the Muslim world (including in his role as a columnist for the Jerusalem Post). He has many supporters among right-oriented and centrist Jewish groups (the OU and the American Jewish Committee are but two examples) and is opposed by some groups on the left (Tikkun) and by many in the American Moslem community. We are writing to alert you to this potentially important nomination, to let you know that it is a contentious one in which your support might make a difference one way or the other, and to provide you with contact information for the relevant members of Congress should you wish to express your opinion. We have attached the letter supporting Dr.Pipes that KMS received from the OU. We urge you to get involved as the composition of the Board of Directors for the Institute has implications for the US position on the Middle East conflict and, consequently, for Israel’s future.

From OU -- Community Leadership Info

To: Officers, Rabbis, Key Contacts

Nomination of Dr. Daniel Pipes to USIP: Urgent Action Necessary
As you may know, it is important to express our support for Dr. Daniel Pipes, a prominent scholar and commentator on international affairs, who is nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace. The Institute is dedicated to "the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of conflicts" and Dr. Pipes' background and knowledge in his field makes him the perfect choice.

Dr. Pipes has for years played a crucial role in alerting the American public to the dangers posed by extremist Islamism in this country and all over the world. He has exposed the fashion in which such extremist elements condone and provide material support for terrorism as a means for imposing their world views and achieving their political goals. After the horrendous events of September 11th, it became clear that Dr. Pipes' knowledge of international terrorism is needed to help support the interests of the safety and security of our country.

Dr. Pipes has been a defender and champion of moderate Islam while condemning radical, extremist Islam. Many moderate American Muslims, frustrated by and angry with the extremist policies of militant Islamic organizations in the U.S. and their efforts to portray themselves as the sole voice of Islam, have welcomed the nomination of Daniel Pipes.

Dr. Pipes is a voice of scholarship and reason. We welcome and commend the nomination of Dr. Daniel Pipes and understand how important his contributions would be to the work of the USIP.

It is important that you contact the elected officials listed below today and voice your support for the nomination of Dr. Pipes to the USIP, using the points mentioned above. The decision will be made very soon and time is of the essence.

For more information, please call us at (212) 613-8124.

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
Judd Gregg R-NH
Phone - 202-224-3324
Fax - 202-224-4952

Bill Frist R-TN
Phone - 202-224-3344
Fax - 202-228-4637

Michael Enzi R-WY
Phone - 202-224-3424
Fax - 202-228-0359

Lamar Alexander R-TN
Phone - 202-224-4944
Fax - 202-228-3398

Christopher Bond R-MO
Phone - 202-224-5721
Fax - 202- 224-8149

Mike DeWine R-OH
Phone - 202-224-2315
Fax - 202-228-4429

Pat Roberts R-KS
Phone - 202-224-4774
Fax - 202-224-3514

Jeff Sessions R-AL
Phone - 202-224-4124
Fax - 202-224-3149

John Ensign R-NV
Phone - 202-224-6244
Fax - 202-228-2193

Lindsey Graham R-SC
Phone - 202-224-5972
Fax - 202-224-3808

John Warner R-VA
Phone - 202-224-2023
Fax - 202-224-6295

Ranking Minority
Edward Kennedy D-MA
Phone - 202-224-4543
Fax - 202-224-2417

Christopher Dodd D-CT
Phone - 202-224-2823
Fax - 202-228-0546

Tom Harkin D-IA
Phone - 202-224-3254
Fax - 224-9369

Barbara Mikulski D-MD
Phone - 202-224-4654
Fax - 202-224-8858

James Jeffords I-VT
Phone - 202-224-5141
Fax - 202-224-5468

Jeff Bingaman D-NM
Phone - 202-224-5521
Fax - 202-224-2852

Patty Murray D-WA
Phone - 202-224-2621
Fax - 202-228-4132

Jack Reid D-RI
Phone - 202-224-4642
Fax - 202-224-4680

John Edwards D-NC
Phone - 202-224-3154
Fax - 202-228-1374

Hillary Clinton D-NY
Phone - 202-224-4451