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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Zionist Occupier

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me?" (Pirkei Avot)

Tovia Singer's Rant of the Week:

I froze when I saw her face. Where did that little girl find the strength to lift that heavy stone? After all, she is just a child.

Where did she find the wisdom on that awful June morning to resist misguided Israeli soldiers who came to destroy her modest Jewish community?

This wasn't a creased, 60-year-old black-and-white picture of a confused child, helplessly led away in the Warsaw Ghetto. This was a different sort of photograph altogether - a digital, color image that flashed across a stunned world in an instant. This determined creature - a grandchild of the Holocaust -- showed no sign of despair, and refused to be led away just because someone in Washington demanded it.

At the time, I doubt she knew who Colin Powell is, or why he and his Christian boss ordered her big prime minister to destroy Jewish communities. She just knew it was wrong, something had to be done to stop it, and there was no time left to wait for members of the Knesset to put on their pants and protect her.

How do I know so much about a child I never met? Don't be misled by her curly, blond hair wrapped in pigtails. The defiant glare in her eyes speaks of a passionate child blessed with vision -- certainly more vision than the burly men who gave the orders to destroy her flimsy home. It's the kind of glare into the future that can save a nation. Those are the kind of eyes that don't wince at the sight of Bush or Blair. Don't let her little pursed lips fool you, either. That is the kind of mouth that is not afraid to tell the Europeans, "Go to hell with your Road Map! I don't want my mommy to die the way my great-grandma was killed in Poland!"

No one held that little girl's hand as armored bulldozers rolled up to her front door. Her little body didn't shake when deluded IDF soldiers came to tear down her home. In fact, that is no little girl. This is a towering child of Israel who in some inexplicable and profound way understood the dire predicament of her beleaguered, yet eternal nation, and made a difference.

I wonder if I could have carried that stone.