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Friday, August 08, 2003


Let me get this right. Israel released hundreds of Palestinian criminals in a gesture of goodwill, over and above what is required by the road trap. No one, but no one applauded this action. Not the President, not Colin Powell, not Kofi Annan, not Dominique de Villepin. Most of them were, in fact, busy admonishing Israel for The Wall.

The PA actually scorned the prisoner release as insufficient, and the media obediently regurgitated the scorn, while glorying in the photo ops of the criminals' reunions with their families. The BBC quotes a freed prisoner as saying the releases were "a big trick from the Israeli occupation." The report says further that "Many Palestinians are angry." Wow, that's new and different.

Now Israel is cornered into having to defend the prisoner release? Defend?

What's wrong with this picture? Hullo? Is anybody home?