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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Data show suicide bombers single, young and well-educated

The Jerusalem Post has published some interesting data on suicide bombers.
Since 1993, 303 suicide bombers have launched themselves against Israeli targets. Of that total, 242, or 80 percent, have come since September 2000, according to data released this week by security sources.

Of the total launched, 167, or 55 percent, completed their efforts to kill themselves and others. In the first seven years of suicide bombing, 70 percent of attempts were successful. Since September 2000, despite a far higher rate of attack, only 51 percent have succeeded.
Suicide bombers are usually single (87%) and young (76% aged 17-23).

38% of suicide bombers had university educations and 47% had high school educations. This, from a general population where only 5-6% are enrolled in vocational education, community colleges or universities (UNDP, 2000).

Palestinians shout anti-Israel slogans . . . Nablus, August 8, 2003.

They're sending out the cream of their crop to blow themselves up to murder Jews. Doesn't bode well . . . for anyone.