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Monday, August 04, 2003

from the Anti-World

By Melissa Radler at JPost:
Syria assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council yesterday morning for the month of August, marking the second time the terrorist-sponsoring nation has held the prestigious post.

Syria, which was elected in October 2001 by 160 nations out of 177 to a two-year term as a non-permanent member, plans to concentrate its presidency on discussing peace initiatives in Africa, following the situation in Iraq, hearing reports on the International Criminal Court and pressing for the inclusion of Syria and Lebanon in road map negotiations, Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe told reporters yesterday.

Speaking only in Arabic, Wehbe declined to answer questions on Syrian support for the road map or the fate of Israeli MIA's kidnapped by the Syrian-backed terrorist group Hizbullah, saying only, "There cannot be security without peace, and there cannot be peace if it's not comprehensive and just."

During Wehbe's last term as council president, in June 2002, the Damascus-based Islamic Jihad terror group claimed responsibility for killing 17 Israelis in a suicide bombing at the Megiddo junction.

Britain takes over from Syria as president of the 15-member council on September 1.