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Sunday, August 24, 2003

From The Palestinian Information Center in the UK, Aug. 21

Suicide bombing did not contradict the hudna
Before the IDF targeted and killed terrorist Ismail Abu Shanab on Thursday, he made this statement about how "the Zionists" violated the hudna, but HAMAS still affirmed and respected it, in spite of the fact that they blew up a bus full of families with children. Beware: reading this can be crazy-making --
Gaza - Ismail Abu Shanab, political bureau member of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has said that his Movement's insistence on truce did not contradict the Quds martyrdom operation which retaliated to Zionist violations.

Noting that the Zionists violated the truce in the first place, Abu Shanab said that the truce should be respected by the Zionist entity as well and not only the Palestinian factions.

"We have been patient for more than six weeks of truce but the Zionist enemy continued in its policy of assassinations, murders, demolitions and continued aggression other than tampering with the question of detainees," he explained.

The Hamas leader affirmed that the Qassam Brigades, military wing of Hamas, respected the truce as the Movement's decision of adhering to the truce was still not changed "But we will not remain silent vis-à-vis those breaches."

Abu Shanab said that resistance should be used as a pressure card in the hands of the Palestinian Authority government in its capacity as the only card capable of forcing the Zionist entity to respect the Palestinian people and to halt aggression against them.

The Hamas leader stressed that the Palestinian front was in need of dialogue to unify the Palestinian street in face of Zionist challenges.
Don't forget that the hudna (very loosely translated as ceasefire) was an internal agreement among the various Palestinian terrorist organizations. Israel was not consulted, was not a party to, the hudna.

Israel was party only to the Road Map, which requires the Palestinian Authority to disarm and dismantle terrorist organizations.