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Sunday, August 31, 2003

The Guardian (UK) is hideous trash

from this blog August 29:

Guardian (UK) headline: "Israel kills activist in rocket response"

See it to believe it.

I don't know about yours, but my dictionary defines activist as "an especially zealous worker, as in a political cause." Somehow this doesn't seem an appropriate appellation for someone who the article says was "identified by Hamas as a member of its military wing."

I'm an activist. He was a terrorist.

posted by Yael at 3:40 PM

LittleGreenFootballs, home of the little green infidel, pointed out the following day THIS HEADLINE from the Guardian:
"Israeli assassins kill hopes of peace for Palestinians"
You can read the whole thing, if you enjoy a pro-terrorist opinion now and again. I especially like the following quote, dutifully regurgitated:
There is little interest in restraint now in Gaza. [Imad] Falouji said: 'People see the Hamas belief that Israel understands only the language of blood is true. The biggest loser is the Israeli people. Before they were safe because the Palestinians guaranteed their safety. That guarantee has gone, and now they are all wondering where the next Hamas strike will hit.'
See "Israel routing Hamas," directly below. Maybe tomorrow the IAF will locate that blind cleric and Rantisi, and the U.S. will take out Saddam and Osama. Oh, how CNN and the Guardian would wring their hands and cry; I can see the headlines now . . .