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Friday, August 22, 2003

"Holocaust in Progress" by Yashiko Sagamori

Via the Freemanlist
It’s been almost 12 hours since the latest suicide bombing in Jerusalem, but neither the White House nor the State Department have come forward with the usual assurance that mass murder of Jews will not be allowed to derail the peace process. Apparently, the term “peace process” denotes a situation when Jews are prevented from defending themselves while Arabs are killing them at will. And while a small group of “Palestinian” storefront puppets diligently maintains an impression that the Arab war against Israel might end if Israel agreed to meet some suicidal conditions, Arabs themselves make no secret of their true intentions. Their ultimate goal is the complete destruction of Israel. Had they tried to target any other country, the world would have called it genocide. But Jews have always been subject to different standards in the eyes of the world.

Therefore, let’s not wait for the world to be fair and call a spade a spade. What the world euphemistically dubbed a peace process is actually Holocaust in progress.

The tally of victims has not yet reached millions, but that’s only because Arabs can’t compete with Germans when it comes to industriousness, organization, and discipline. However, Arabs are way ahead of them in their love for murder. Germans were implementing their “final solution” in relative secrecy, not wishing to needlessly disturb the public opinion, and those who took part in mass executions had to be periodically replaced to relieve the unbearable burden of mass murders. Arabs tirelessly kill Jews in front of TV cameras, and not a single Arab voice has ever been heard protesting the murders. (In the obligatory comment on yesterday's suicide bombing, Mahmoud Abbas condemned it because, in his words, it did not serve the interests of the “Palestinian people”. That’s an extremely interesting moral position that deserves a separate careful study.)

At any rate, Arabs do whatever they can, and the world, once again, pretends not to notice. There is an eerie parallel between forcing Czechoslovakia 65 years ago to end its “occupation” of the Sudetenland and the international opposition to Israel’s “occupation” of Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. The parallel was brilliantly underscored by the practically simultaneous suicide bombing in Baghdad that targeted the United Nations. There is only one other organization that has done more than the UN to promote terrorism: it’s Al Qaeda. In a wiser world, the twin attacks could have served as a warning that support of terrorism makes one more, not less vulnerable to it. But in a wiser world, Islam could not have survived for 13 centuries, so let’s be realistic.

When President Bush, in the wake of September 11, declared his War on Terror, he made sure to repeat several times that it was not a war against Islam. What would the outcome of World War II be had FDR proclaimed his resolve to stop storm troopers from going about their business, but emphasized that the war was not against Nazism?

Bush also promised to never negotiate with terrorists. Unfortunately, he failed to specify which terrorists he was not going to negotiate with, what exactly he was not going to negotiate with them, and how often.

His unwavering friendship with Saudi rulers has been a dangerous symptom of a gaping inconsistency. The Saudi royal family leads the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which rules Saudi Arabia. It is an extremely militant sect that advocates forceful conversion and murder of infidels. It mandates execution of any Jew who ever sets foot on the Saudi soil. (Inexplicably, I have never heard anyone accusing the Saudis of racism because of that.) It also finances and indoctrinates Moslem terrorists around the world. Another Bush’s ally in his War on Terror, Pakistan, harbors thousands of Wahhabi-sponsored madrasahs (Islamic seminaries) where young Moslems from all over the world are trained to become ideologues and executioners of terrorism. If I declared a war on terrorism, Iraq and even Afghanistan wouldn’t be on top of my list. I would certainly start with the Wahhabis — both in Saudi Arabia and beyond. But I’m sure Bush had his compelling reasons.

Nevertheless, it came as a shock even to me when the United States not only declared terrorists that specifically target Israel immune from prosecution, but decided to forcefully promote them to nationhood and twisted Israel’s arms into surrendering to them — as mandated by a worthless four-page piece of paper known as the “roadmap”. If this is not anti-Semitism, then Eichmann must’ve been a self-hating Jew.

As usual, Israel is not paying the price of world’s anti-Semitism alone. As the second anniversary of the September 11 approaches, Americans feel no safer than they did in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Al Qaeda appears to have recovered from the blow it suffered in Afghanistan, and the official position of the US government is that another catastrophic attack on the American soil is imminent. Afghanistan remains the same snake pit it has been since the Soviets invaded it 25 years ago, and it is becoming increasingly unclear what the United States can hope to achieve there. The same question arises vis-à-vis Iraq where the US goals, beyond the removal of Saddam Hussein, remain sadly undefined. (Here’s a terribly interesting question: Was Bush in fact protecting Saudi interests by deposing Saddam?) The hopeful talk of establishing democracy there is absurd: democracy cannot be forced on people. But even if the US succeeded in democratizing Iraq, how does it promote peace in the Middle East? Democracy defines the procedure but not the result. We shouldn’t forget that Hitler was democratically elected to power or that undeniably democratic countries, like, for instance, France, can be abysmally anti-Semitic.

Meanwhile, Jihad is progressing on many fronts, and suicide bombings have not been its most efficient weapon. Taking advantage of liberal immigration laws, Moslems flood Europe, changing its face forever. The Dutch are in danger of becoming a minority in Amsterdam in just one generation. In Moscow, one has to be a Moslem to move into certain areas of the city. London provides safe heaven for Islamic terrorist groups. France, never missing an opportunity to enjoy being raped, is enthusiastically greeting its own rapid Islamization. Desecration of Jewish cemeteries is quickly becoming a new European tradition — probably a tad more bizarre than the annual bull run in Pamplona, but certainly far less risky.

And all the while Israel is being told that there is no military solution for its problems. This is an outrageous lie invented by Israel’s enemies. The exact opposite is true: Arabs are impotent to destroy Israel by war, while Israel has no choice but to use its army to achieve peace. All the numerous attempts to achieve peace by non-military means failed dramatically. It has become exceedingly clear that the peace will not come until one of the sides wins the war. Therefore, Israel has no choice: the enemy must be defeated, and those who survive must face a trial for their crimes against Israel.

Let’s face facts. We live in an anti-Semitic world. All that’s changed around us since the Crusades and the Inquisition are the car models and the quality of stereo sound. The people and their mentality have remained basically the same they have always been since the Dark Ages. Anti-Semitism of finely civilized Europeans today exceeds the anti-Semitism of finely civilized Europeans during the previous Holocaust. When I say that Israel has no choice if it wants to survive, I mean it in the most literal way. No matter what it does, the world will not suddenly start loving Jews. Therefore, Israel must defend itself, even if the world objects.

Arafat shouldn’t be kept under house arrest in Ramallah. Arafat shouldn’t be exiled to Tunisia either. Arafat should be arrested, indicted for his crimes against humanity — because Jews, believe it or not, are human — and tried along with thousands of his accomplices. This trial should pointedly ignore the inevitable outrage of the peace-loving international community. It should bring into the open and make official everything we already know about the so-called “Palestinians” and their “fight for freedom”. It should provide the factual proof that no “Palestinian people” has ever existed. It should unhurriedly, without omitting any tiny detail, shed the light of truth on every crime against Jews ever committed by Arabs and their sympathizers. It should forever destroy every anti-Semitic lie, from bloody matzos and the Protocols to the “occupation” by Israel of Israel’s own land. If necessary, it should last for years. If necessary, it should become the core of Israel’s very existence. It should analyze and disclose the role of the international community in the preparation of a new Holocaust. It should pronounce a fiercely fair sentence to every one whose hands are smeared with Jewish blood.

And if you tell me that it will cause even more hatred towards Jews, I will ask: What difference does it make? They already hate Jews to death.

A few months ago, the New York Times published a lengthy article about one of the tragic episodes produced in abundance by the “peace process”. Arabs started firing at Gilo from one of the apartment buildings in Beit Jala. IDF responded. One of the bullets pierced the wall of the house and killed an eight-year-old Arab boy. His mother blamed the militants: “I hate Jews no less than they do. But why couldn’t they shoot at them from some other place?” Nobody bothered to explain to her that it was precisely her hatred of Jews that killed her little son.

Which is extremely painful, but far less unfair than letting Arab hatred kill Jewish children.