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Monday, August 25, 2003

IDF Kills 4 Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

Four Hamas terrorists were killed in an Israel Air Force missile strike on a car in Gaza City Sunday. They included a senior member of the organization - Ahmed Aishtawi, two would-be suicide bombers, and a forth militant - all members of the group's military wing, Iz a Din al-Kassam, according to security sources.

Security sources said the strike was carried out in order to thwart a double suicide bombing planned by Hamas in the near future. Aishtawi, 24, coordinated Hamas activities between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and was on top of the IDF's most wanted list. He is credited with transferring funds to Hamas terror cells in the West Bank, and planning many terror attacks against Israeli citizens, Israel Radio reported.

A Hamas spokesperson said Aishtawi was the head of a cell that fired home-made missiles, and specialized in attacks on IDF tanks. The attack took place 100 meters from the Gaza City office of Palestinian security chief Mohammed Dahlan.
Ha'aretz -- Amos Harel, Jonathan Lis, Arnon Regular, and Yair Ettinger.