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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Islamic Jihad leader admits terrorists using hudna to re-arm

"It is natural."
The Scotsman quotes Mohammed al-Hindi as saying on Sunday in an exclusive interview:
"It is natural that we strengthen ourselves during hudna."

"It is natural that the Palestinians, Fatah, the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, be ready to defend their people in the coming stages."

"As long as Israel does not recognise the rights of the Palestinian people, there will be more violence and more violence and Israel will be the one to be blamed and to take responsibility."
In other news, an Israeli teenager was killed Sunday and four people wounded when Hizbullah shelled northern Israel for the third consecutive day. Israel has submitted an official protest in the United Nations.

Syria, which sponsors Hizbullah and occupies Lebananon (from whence the shelling occured), is the official president of the United Nations Security Council. No, this is not a joke. This is true. See Arutz Sheva for details of the attack.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is presently hosting Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in Damascus for what Arab News calls "vital talks." Abdullah met with Abu Mazen on Friday, and will go to Egypt, Morocco and Russia "in a bid to unite the Arab ranks."

Syrian Vice President Masharika told the Saudi Press Agency that "The present situation demands joint Arab action and the strengthening of Arab solidarity."
He emphasized the need to bolster Arab unity to restore Arab rights and liberate occupied territories. He blasted Israel’s expansionist and aggressive policy, saying it contradicted the requirements of a just and comprehensive peace settlement in the region.