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Thursday, August 21, 2003

It's a beautiful blog

by Roger L. Simon
The question is, for those of us with young children, do we explain what is going on or do we hide it from them? I don’t know what Lileks does (I’d be interested, though his daughter is younger) but Sheryl and I pretty much explain things to Madeleine. It would be hard to do otherwise—she’s a bright little girl and she sees us always watching cable news, not to mention discussing the situation obsessively. The results of this “sharing” are sometimes almost amusing: A few months ago, her pre-kindergarten teacher was shocked when Madeleine and one of her friends (whose parents were similar news junkies) were playing “Get Saddam Hussein” on the schoolyard. The teacher (a Berkeleyesgque liberal—the school’s a very “progressive” place, as are most pre-schools in our part of LA) did not know how to handle this “aggression.” Fortunately, the kids soon went on to other games and it was put to rest. My suspicion is the teacher herself had a lot to learn about Saddam and I have some understanding of such childhood games, frightening as they may be. I am old enough to remember playing "Get Hitler" on my schoolyards back in New York in the fifties. I'm not sure it was particularly unnatural.