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Monday, August 11, 2003

Kol hakavod, Boulder Writers of the Lost Art!

Daniel Stern:
Joan T. Walker's recent letter calling Israel's security fence a "Berlin Wall" and its actions unpeaceful is disturbingly misguided. The Berlin Wall separated two cultures to oppress an entire people under communist rule. The security wall Israel is building is a means of protecting its people from killers who blow up people, places, and themselves in the lone democratic state in the region. How is Israel practicing discriminatory behavior by constructing this wall, and yet simultaneously granting Arabs who live in Israel proper (composing nearly 20 percent of Israel's population) the same equal rights it grants Israeli Jews? How is Israel practicing a system of segregation by letting Arabs (including those of Palestinian origin) serve in the Israeli parliament? No Palestinians living under Arab rule can be elected to democratic office, but they can in Israel. In fact, Jews cannot even walk on Palestinian soil without being slaughtered immediately, which seems to be a far more obvious case of racial discrimination than building a safety barrier from those who try to thwart freedom and tolerance.

K. Whelan:
Joan let me commend you on your correct assessment of, as you put it, "to keep Palestinian culture away from settlers". The only definable "CULTURE" of the Palestinian people is a culture of hatred and envy, driven by the insatiable need no kill every living Jew. One thing I must correct you on however was your analogy of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall as you may have studied but failed to grasp the truth, was to keep an oppressed people in against their will. The "fence" in Israel is to keep murdering Palestinians out of Jewish land and away from innocent Jews.

Perhaps a refresher course on world history may be of some help. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Israel Rosencrantz:
There seems to be some confusion in people's minds about what the source of violence in the Middle East is and what is an appropriate way to protect citizens against it. The building of the wall by Israel to prevent suicide bombers from coming into Israel is, no doubt, frustrating to those that would do violence in Israel.

When the Palestinians can stop the terror machine that they created, then it may be possible to remove the wall. The wall is not designed to keep out Palestinian culture, as Joan T. Walker suggests, but rather to keep out terrorists. By the way, the people living in the western areas of Israel are not settlers any more than people living in California are settlers. The only thing that makes it a frontier is the hostility of the neighbors.

The 'Roadmap' calls for the dismantling of the terrorist infrastructure. PM Abbas said that he will not dismantle it because it would cause civil unrest. It is clear that if the Palestinians cannot even carry out the first step towards peace, then Israel must protect itself. The wall will allow Israel to stem the tide of suicide bombers without endangering any of the young people in the IDF.

The only ones that are provoked by the wall are those that wish violence against Israel to continue.

Yours truly:
Joan Walker castigates Israel for not working toward peace. The settlements, superhighways, and fence she mentions are scary things. I thought violence was bad, but houses, highways and fences are worse, especially if Jews build them.

Those Jews have some nerve, don’t they? They could be making peace, but instead they’re trying to save lives by keeping suicide bombers out with a fence. How selfish.

Israel released over 300 Palestinian prisoners in a gesture of goodwill not called for in the road map, but what an insult it was. Palestinians should never be subjected to rule of law and the humiliation of courtroom trials in the first place, much less incarceration! It’s the Palestinians’ right to be free.

Israel did transfer $470 million to the Palestinian Authority last week – but what are they doing for PEACE? They’ve dismantled some settlements, forcibly removing Israeli families from their homes and destroying those homes, but how many? A dozen settlements? ALL those settler Jews must get out of the West Bank, because no Palestinian should ever have to suffer a Jew living nearby.

Walker refers to "multi-lane superhighways" -- they sound terrible. How dare Israelis build highways! Who do they think they are? At least some Zionist aggressors who had the nerve to drive a car on a highway were ambushed and shot by Palestinians last week. You can bet that mom and her three children won’t be on the highway again anytime soon. When they’re released from the hospital, they’ll have to take their chances on the buses instead.

And, oy vey, that citizenship law! Every other country on earth limits conditions for citizenship, but Israel should be more open than any. Just because there are 60 times more Arabs than Jews in the Middle East, that doesn’t give Israel the right to retain a Jewish identity. And besides, who is the Knesset to tell anybody what to do? They think that because they are democratically elected by Israeli voters, they can make laws that Palestinians don’t like?

In light of such grave injustice, I urge all peacemakers to tear down their houses and fences, in condemnation of Israel.