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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Kol hakavod to Dr. Bruce Epstein for his good work in conjunction with the St. Petersburg FL Times

Activists get paper to use the T-word

St. Petersburg Times editor Philip Gailey announced in an editorial today that the Times' newsroom editors are in the process of drafting a policy on how to distinguish a militant from a terrorist. The newspaper has one of the largest circulations in all of Florida.

Pro-Israel activist Bruce Epstein pointed out to the Times that "by using the word 'militant' to describe a terrorist, the Times legitimizes the terrorist . . . [and] conveys to its readers that these Palestinian (terrorist) groups are legal, legitimate and even moral." Gailey says that the Times has no such motive or policy, and recognizes that "words do matter." G-d bless him.

This is a welcome reminder that we CAN effect change, and that some people will listen to a thoughtful, clear and feeling argument.

Read the editorial in full.