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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Miracle Baby

via ISRAPUNDIT, from the Daily Record (UK)
LITTLE Shoshana Natanzon was found among a pile of bodies in the wreckage of the Jerusalem bus bombing.

Amazingly, the six-month-old baby was alive, though she suffered multiple injuries and faces a long stay in hospital. She was found after rescuers heard her pitiful cries.

Rescue worker Yehuda Meshi-Zahav said: "From this terrible inferno of bloody, burnt bodies, I lifted a baby - alive, crying. You have to thank God."

Twenty people, including at least seven children, were killed by the Palestinian suicide bomber and scores more injured, including Shoshana's father, Matanya, and two of her siblings.

Meanwhile, another young victim, Shira Cohen, one, faces losing an eye.

Doctors would have operated to try to save her left eye but now may have to remove it because it took hours to find and get permission from her parents, who had been taken to another hospital.

They could only have gone ahead without permission if her injuries had been life-threatening.