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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

My friend Patrick got a letter in today's Jerusalem Post

A bad day for the war on terror.
Pat Pearlman Charleston USA (20 Aug 2003)
Today was a very bad day for the war on terror. First, the UN headquarters in Iraq is blown up by a suicide bomber. Then an Israeli bus is blown up and 18 more “martyrs for peace” are created.

The tragedy in all this is that the terror will continue because, you see, there really is no war on terror. Certainly, the US is conducting its operations to find and apprehend al Qaida and former Saddam regime elements. And to a lesser extent, Israel continues to go after at least those terror masters that Washington allows Israel to consider “ticking bombs.”

But the truth is, if there were truly a war on terror, the US would be going after international terror’s sponsors with hammer and tongs: Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Instead, a kid gloves approach is taken to all three nations. Moreover, the US would not continue to apply a double standard to Israel’s fight against terror -- condemning Israeli actions that Washington undertakes.

And if Israel were truly fighting a war against terror, it would be going after the sponsors of terror against Jews: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Aqsa, Tanzim, Hizbullah and the Palestinian Authority. Israel would have eliminated Arafat by now, as well as Sheikh Yassin. It would have never released terrorists, or soon-to-be terrorists, back into PA “protective custody.” And Israel would not have allowed Palestinian terrorists to rearm, reorganize and recruit under the cover of the so-called hudna. Finally, if Israel were truly fighting a war against terror, it would not continue to make “goodwill gestures” intended to temporarily appease the Palestinian terrorists, gestures that endanger Israel’s security.

For months now, the pages of the Jerusalem Post and other Israeli papers have been filled with editorials making just these points. Yet the Sharon government has ignored them -- and Jews pay the ultimate price for “peace” once again. The Bush administration too has ignored the double standard it has applied to Israel and itself, thereby giving a green light to continue terror against Israel. The Bush administration has also ignored the efforts of Syria and Iran to upset American efforts in Iraq, and the Bush administration continues to protect its friends among the Saudi financiers of terror. Ultimately, Americans too will pay a terrible price for the Bush administration’s errant policies.

So today was a very bad day for the war on terror. Given our leaders’ course, and their stubborn refusal to change course, I fear that worse days are to come.
Patrick, kol hakavod for speaking up. You just need to add a "G-d forbid" to that last phrase.