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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

My friend Patrick of West Virginians in Support of Israel (WVISI) has another letter in the Jerusalem Post

Pretty soon they'll give him his own column!
Enough Talk of US “Intervention.”

Pat Pearlman Charleston USA (25 Aug 2003)

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer this weekend, former Senator Richard Lugar – one of the luminaries of US defense policy - discussed the “potential possibility” of the need to deploy American or NATO forces in Israel to “go after Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

Absolutely incredible.

Presumably Mr. Lugar believes that the IDF is not up to the task itself. For a US politician to suggest that the IDF cannot eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihad itself, or to imply that American soldiers are somehow superior in carrying out that task than Israeli soldiers, is both pompous and stupid. It’s also insulting in light of the circumstances.

For three years -- longer if one considers the conflict during the “Oslo Peace” -- the United States has sought, usually very successfully, to restrain and restrict Israel’s military efforts to defeat the forces of terror based in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. It was the US that forced Israel to withdraw from Palestinian areas before Operation Defensive Shield was complete. It was the US that brokered numerous “cease fires” and “goodwill gestures” that resulted in Israel halting or restricting its anti-terror operations. It’s the US that has pushed for the release of Palestinian terrorists and soon-to-be terrorists. The US is among the voices in the “international community” (like Syria and Saudi Arabia) expressing disquiet, even outrage, over Israel’s “provocative” liquidation of terror leaders. And it’s the US that has consistently sought to pressure Israel into concessions to terrorists -- oftentimes on the pretext that the US needs “quiet” to conduct its “international” “war on terror.”

For an American politician to suggest that the restraint shown by Israel, in response to American pressure, and the resulting continuation and escalation of terror against Jews, provides a justification for the deployment of American or NATO soldiers to do the job itself, is self-serving hypocrisy of the highest order.

With the US bogged down in increasingly chaotic Iraq and Afghanistan, and still unwilling to allow Israel a free hand to deal with Palestinian terror groups, the Bush administration should at least have the good graces to muzzle politicians who, like Lugar, are inclined to express opinions that betray either a lack of intelligence, a lack of sensitivity, or both.
Keep up the good work, Pat!