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Monday, August 11, 2003

Only one ISMer deported

According to Arutz Sheva,
The Interior Ministry announced yesterday that it had received - and largely rejected - a request from the Israel Police to issue deportation orders against 39 left-wing activists, all foreign nationals. The foreigners had been arrested the day before for having disturbed the work of security officials.

The 39 were protesting the construction of Israel's anti-terrorism partition wall in the western Shomron, and one even used violence against IDF soldiers. Officials of the Population Administration decided to reject the police request, except regarding the Italian national who used violence against IDF soldiers. The ruling was that since the other 38 had held a quiet demonstration, they would receive warnings and be asked to sign a statement in which they agreed not to defy orders by OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky, not to disturb the work of security officials, and not to return to the area. If the incident recurs, the decision states, they will be deported.
Big Day Tomorrow for ISM: from their "press release" --
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 11:01:02 +0300
From: ISM Media
Subject: There Is More than One Way to Tear Down a Wall, Mr. Sharon
Press Advisory, August 12, 2003, beginning two weeks of action against the wall and the occupation.

When: 10:00 AM, Tuesday August 12th, 2003
Where: Qalqilya, West Bank
What: Attacking the Wall
Who: Palestinians, ISM activists, Israeli peace groups

The US congress says they will cut funding to Israel if they continue to build their Apartheid Wall, so "The Educational PAC Group" from AIPAC wined and dined the Democrats last week, trying to convince them that the wall won’t hurt Palestinians.

So, where were the Democrats when they visited? They didn’t come to Qalqilya and see the 24-foot Apartheid Wall, now a prison for 40,000 Palestinians.

Tomorrow, Palestinians from Qalqilya, Israeli Peace groups and ISM internationals will march against the Wall to tell the world how the Israeli occupation is stealing Palestinian land and water, strangling the economy, and eventually destroying any hope for peace. Hundreds of demonstrators will march with banners and kites, and along the road, Palestinian students will paint scenes on the wall of what existed before it was built. Once at the wall, we will show the Israeli occupation forces that there is more than one way to tear down this prison wall.

One of the released prisoners, a man nicknamed "The Nelson Mandela of Palestine", a man who has spent 22 years in Israeli prisons will speak about being in prison, then released to the prison of Qalqilya. At the end we will release doves to symbolize Palestinian hopes of
peace and freedom.

ISMer gets carried away

These kids are so sadly misguided. I hope they get deported. But on second thought, they'll just come back to make trouble for Israel on various and sundry campuses. Like Rutgers. Oy.