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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

PA plans Day of Rage this coming Friday

How will they differentiate it from any other day?
JPost article says that the Palestinian Authority has declared this coming Friday as a "day of rage" to be marked with protests and rallies (how unusual) against the ongoing construction of the security fence in the West Bank.

A leaflet distributed in a number of Palestinian cities (NB: Palestinians live in cities. Jews live in "settlements") Monday, is quoted as saying, "We urge our people to intensify their protests against the racist wall and the settlements and in support of our detainees." It says the Israeli government bears full responsibility for the possible collapse of the current cease-fire because of its "continued aggression against the Palestinian people."
Why do I even repeat this? They say the same thing over and over, and people listen to them no matter how ridiculous they are. As soon as they do something really wretched, they turn around and blame Israel for something, anything from their never-ending litany. It's such simple deflection, but it seems to work like a charm. The papers are full of how the fence is, as Arafat put it, "a big crime against humanity," but hardly anyone says that the suicide bombings are that. Just dead Jews, eh? No big deal? It's strenuous to wrap my mind around the possibility that perhaps we really are hated to that extent.