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Sunday, August 24, 2003

PA POLICE arrest weapons smugglers and seal tunnels between Egypt and Gaza

It is not clear whether the raids by Palestinian police marked the start of a crackdown on terrorists, or were just a tactical ploy, but 12 weapons smugglers were arrested and two tunnels, through which weapons are smuggled into Gaza from Egypt, were shut down in Rafah, in Gaza.

Read the whole story in the Jerusalem Post.

Better them than the IDF, no?

When I read this, I wondered what the ISMers will do now. When Rachel Corrie was killed (in Rafah), she and her fellow-ISMers were in the process of interfering with the IDF's efforts to close down tunnels such as this. If it's not Israel, but the Palestinian Authority, who is destroying the tunnels, will the ISMers still get in the way? Will they get in the face of Palestinian police? It will be interesting to see. If they don't, then they're simply, blatantly, enemies of Israel. If they do, then they're just pro-terrorist, come hell or high water. or Dahlan.

Rachel Corrie, alleged peacemaker, at Rafah refugee camp in Gaza.

Also in the news today, just hours after today's raid by Palestinian police, a new, longer-range rocket was fired from Gaza, landing on the beach, less than a mile from the Israeli city of Ashkelon. No one was injured.

See also "Arafat maneouvering to sideline Dahlan", an AP article at JPost.