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Friday, August 01, 2003

Pro-Israel Rally ~ Crawford, Texas

August 17, 2003 at 3:00 pm - in Crawford, TX, while Bush is at his home on break

The date of the rallies scheduled for all other places remains September 21.
From the TX organizer(s):

Since our rally in July, I have been pondering the question - What makes a demonstration effective? I came up with two things.

One is the location and the second is the number of people demonstrating. Are the media interested if there are 20 or 50 or even 100? NO, emphatically NOT.

I know this will offend some people but what ABSOLUTELY sickens me is the apathy of so many people who SAY they love Israel. Spoken words are not enough. Action is what counts. Anyone can say something but how many are actually willing to follow through with his or her actions?

I don't want to hear anyone say they support Israel and that they are against the Road Map if they do not attend or if they don't provide the expenses for someone to attend the rally in Crawford for them. I do understand that sometimes there are circumstances in which someone cannot attend but that person can donate money for a proxy and I know Hashem will see it as though that person were also at the rally.

We do need prayers but we also need people to SHOW the world that they believe Israel has the right to exist and that a there is no logical or historical precedent for Israel to give up any portion of the land for a Palestinian state.

We know the truth but there is a whole world out there, many of them in synagogues and churches who are ignorant of the truth, the facts about Israel the 'so called occupied territories'. Let's tell it like it is. These are Palestinian occupied territories, which belong to Israel. And there is only one solution - transfer. The Palestinians must be transferred. That is the only option.

The Arab nations have perpetuated lies to deceive the world into believing that they have every right to have a Palestinian state but it is nothing but lies and the world has believed them. This strong delusion grows stronger and stronger and louder by the minute. It must stop.

The truth has been quietly and subtly swept under the rug and lies have been told in its place for so long concerning Israel and the Palestinian state issue that the truth is unrecognizable to the world. Well, guess what? The light will be revealed. Truth will be taught and the THEN the world will have to decide - ' Whose side am I really on?' Sheep on one side - goats on the other.

The world needs to SEE us and Hear us and KNOW that we exist and We are a MULTITUDE. The world needs to know that we will not sit idly by and let Israel be taken over by Muslim countries. WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT!!!!! We will do everything in our power to protect and help Israel and the Jews who live in the land.

The multitude will come to the aid of Israel on August 17th at 3:00 p.m at Crawford, Tx.

In case anyone is concerned, we have already contacted the Crawford police and they have approved our rally. It seems that a small group of supporters of Israel found favor with the Crawford police in the past as opposed to some Arab demonstrators who had previously caused trouble.

We want a strong but peaceful demonstration.

We encourage everyone to bring his or her own posters, Israeli flags, and American flags.

We are contacting people to speak at our rally. If anyone would like to volunteer to speak, please e-mail me.

We are in the process of contacting people and media all over Texas as well as other states about this rally. We have people coming from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and possible Wisconsin and North Carolina.

I want to see every state represented at this rally.

This is a huge undertaking, which seems to be growing by the minute.

If anyone would like to help in anyway, please contact me: cindym702@aol.com, or my co-leader Donna: seymore@mail.ev1.net.

We need everyone to help.

I am the Women in Green leader in Houston and though I am a very strong believer in Hashem and in the Torah and the prophecies throughout the Tanach, I want to make it VERY CLEAR that Women in Green is made up of Secular and Religious Jews and Christians, MEN and women. We recognize anyone who is a Zionist and a supporter of Israel. At this crucial time in history we need to understand that the Road Map is the most heinous act perpetuated against Israel since The final solution. If a Palestinian state is brought into existence and it could very well be the annihilation of Israel!!!

Cindy Maddox
Houston, TX.