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Thursday, August 07, 2003

RAINBOW GROCERY in San Francisco proposing a boycott of Israeli goods

This from a comment at LittleGreenFootballs:
Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco is at it again...they are proposing a boycott of Israeli goods and it will be up for a vote soon.

[See the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California:] Rainbow Grocery puts Israeli boycott on the ballot

Why do I care? Well, when I lived in San Francisco I shopped there a lot (I'm a vegan)....and this pisses me off so much.

This also violates Rainbow Grocery's mission statement.

So please--CALL RAINBOW GROCERY at 415-863-0620 and let them know how you feel....even if you wouldn't step 100 feet near tofu. They have gotten a lot of calls and sadly, this action could be the start of a very dangerous anti-Israeli trend.