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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


I am writing regarding the language used in a July 21 show about the Middle East. In that show, Craig Windham uses the term militant to describe a Palestinian and terrorist to describe an Israeli settler. This reversal of terminology is absolutely Orwellian. I believe that a responsible media source has two choices in such a situation:
1. Describe Israeli settlers and Palestinians both as militants
2. Describe Israeli settlers as militants and Palestinians as terrorists.

I looked up the definition of terrorism in Webster's dictionary. Here is what it says:
n : the systematic use of violence as a means to intimidate or coerce societies or governments

Clearly, this description better fits the broad Palestinian strategy, tactic, and behavior than a few isolated Israeli settlers. Accordingly, the second choice above makes greater sense for a responsible media source. Instead, in this example from July 21, the least accurate and responsible version possible was taken.

Suffice it to say, NPR's ongoing bias against Israel resulted in me not renewing with KCFR in Denver for $120. I assure you, I am not alone in that sentiment.

Jonathan W. Bein, Ph.D.

"The day is short, the work is long, the workers are tired, the wage is great, and the Master is impatient." - The Ethics of Our Fathers