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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Two Terrorist Bombings in Israel: Two are dead, 11 wounded

"The hudna has cost us dearly" -- Benny Elon
The first attack ocurred in a shopping mall in Rosh Ha'ayin, an eastern suburb of Tel Aviv at about 9 a.m. Israeli time. Yechezkiel Yakuteli was murdered in when a 3 kg. bomb, containing ball bearings, exploded in the Hazi Kupa supermarket. He was making purchases. Yakuteli was 42 years old, a repairman and the father of two children. Eight were wounded.

Less than an hour later, Erez Hershkobitz, 18 years old, of Elon Moreh, was murdered in a bombing attack at a bus stop at the entrance to Ariel, in the Shomron (Samaria). Several others were wounded, and two are fighting for their lives in hospital.

While Ariel may be referred to in mainstream media as a "settlement," it is a town or village of over 15,000 residents, just east of Tel Aviv. There were two terrorist bombings there last year.

IDF Samaria area commander Har-el Knafo said there is no cease-fire as far as he is concerned. Israeli security forces have arrested 19 would-be bombers since the PA's "hudna" or temporary ceasefire began on June 30.

While both Arafat and Abu Mazen condemned the attacks, Abu Mazen also said that he condemns "the recurring Israeli provocations."