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Friday, September 05, 2003

Abu Mazen Says: He Will Not Use Force Against Terrorists

Ha'aretz: Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas told Palestinian lawmakers Thursday he prefers dialogue with opposition groups rather than pursuing a policy of "policing" them. Abbas told the Palestinian Legislative Council he would continue talks with militants rather than launching a campaign to disarm and dismantle their groups, as set out in the road map to Middle East peace. "This government does not deal with the opposition groups with the policing mentality, but the mentality of dialogue," he said.

AP /Jerusalem Post: Abbas stopped short of seeking a vote of confidence after summing up his first 100 days in office. Though Abbas has little support among Palestinians, there appears to be a widespread understanding that his ouster could deal a heavy blow to efforts toward statehood. Several Palestinian legislators have said U.S. diplomats told them Washington might lower its profile as a Mideast mediator if Abbas is toppled.