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Thursday, September 11, 2003

America 9/11 - Israel 24/7


Something's in the air. Yesterday, the Jerusalem Post called for the Israeli government to kill Arafat (see editorial in its entirety below). Yesterday a friend wrote to President Bush:
How dare you, Mr. Terror Fighter, tell Israel what she can and cannot do to protect her citizens? Shame on you and shame on Israel for following your orders while Jews die. I am so disgusted with your double standard and that of your State Department, I will not vote for you.
This morning, I received an "Urgent Message" from David Horowitz of FrontPageMagazine:
The lives of Israelis are just as precious as the lives of Americans. It is unreasonable and unjust to ask Israelis to sacrifice their lives for the sake of an abstract "Road Map" that leads nowhere.

The bodies were scarcely cleared away from the horrendous suicide bus bombing of August 19, when the State Department declared that the Road Map was still on track and Brent Scowcroft, former national security advisor, said we must prevent the bombing from derailing the peace process.

President Bush needs to hear loud and clear that he must stand on the side of Israel and against terrorism wherever it occurs.
Submitted by Al on a forum at Daniel Pipes weblog:
I see an incredible double standard today. It's ok for terrorist groups like Hamas to intentionally target woman and children with nail studded bombs ripping bodies apart, yet when Israel targets an evil terrorist it's a war crime?

I'm sorry for the innocent dead, but let's keep in mind that week after week Hamas has killed hundreds of civilians and the world looks the other way. You never hear Hamas apologize for killing whether inside Israel proper or out, instead they praise murder.

The anti-Israeli bias is so obvious that Israel should stop apologizing and worry more about saving itself instead of the prejudiced opinion.
From Andrew Whitehead at ACAIR:
What American can look at a so-called “journalist” on television interviewing an Islamic terrorist as though they were anything more than devious cowards without feeling great anger for both the terrorist and the enabling “journalist”?

Would Americans of 1940 have listened to Edward R. Murrow if he had interviewed Adolf Hitler to get “the other side of the story”? No? Why are we Americans so different today? Why are we so different that we not only listen to these agents of evil, we actually stay up late to watch them spew their America bashing words and carry the propaganda of those who will kill us the first chance they get?

At what point do we Americans say “enough”? At what point do we demand of our President and Congress that they fulfill their oaths to “protect and defend” our Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic?
Yishai Fleisher from Kumah.org writes:
So many of us have a fundamentally flawed perception of the times we are living in. We pity Israel, we are condescending towards it. When we talk about Israel e get this sad face, we just can’t believe that another 20 people have been murdered in that “troubled region.” We shake our heads at the actions of the Israeli Government, and we mourn the hard economic times and the death of the tourist industry. Talk to some American Jews and you might get the impression that we are safe here, while Israel is headed towards a very uncertain future, its existence hanging in the balance. The ironic reality is that Israel is a flourishing garden while American Jewry is a wilting potted-plant.

[The] separation between American Jews and Israel is so wonderfully convenient for our enemies. They simply love it! The “Palestinians” need only fight half the Jews, while we American Jews, safe between two oceans, are as passive as the sacrificial lamb. The blood fight is happening there, in the Middle East and we’re not a part of it. Behind closed doors, the Arabs laugh and laugh and say to each other “We have nothing to worry about from those American Jews.” The Arabs don’t attack us here because they like us to stay on the sidelines. The separation of the Jewish people plays right into their hands. Our division is their strength.

The big picture: we are living in the best period of Jewish history in the past two thousand years and Israel is at its center. Despite the constant terror attacks and the many wars, Israel is the safe haven of the entire Jewish people. Sixty years ago, Diaspora Jewry was being scorched by Hitler’s death machine; today Israeli F-15 Jet fighters fly over Auschwitz-Birkenau to commemorate the Six Million. Those jets do more than commemorate, their supersonic presence over the remnants of Nazi camps says: “We Jews are alive and well, we have a home and a G-d, and we know how to fight.” All Jews lean on Israel’s shoulders because Israel’s presence and might deters anti-Semites from acting up worldwide, America included.
Ariel Natan Pasko holds that "There is only a military solution":
One only has to look as far east as Iraq, to see that force of arms can change a regime and impose a solution.

The Problem: One nation, spiritually and historically attached to its
ancient homeland, is being constantly attacked militarily, both directly and
through terrorist actions against its civilian population, from the
adjoining contiguous territory - there are no natural borders - which is
also part of its ancient homeland, now occupied by an enemy population who
has invaded it over time.

The Military Solution, which can be imposed, offers several choices.

1. Declare a total all-out war against the enemy, hit all targets, military,
political, economic, and destroy their infrastructure. Maximize enemy
casualties - including civilian - with the intent purpose of reducing the
enemy population drastically and facilitating the elimination of it from
your homeland. Guarantee peace by eliminating the enemy's ability to wage
war, and greatly reducing the enemies will to wage war. Reunite your ancient
homeland under your exclusive control, declare victory, peace, and praise

2. Declare a total all-out war against the enemy's military, hit all
targets, including their political and military command-and-control centers,
and military leader's residences. Eliminate enemy military actions against
your population and facilitate the evacuation of the enemy's occupying
population from your homeland. Reunite your ancient homeland under your
exclusive control, declare victory, peace, and praise G-D.

3. Declare a total all-out war against the enemy's leadership. Eliminate
them wherever they can be found. Destroy the enemy's military infrastructure
and reduce the occupying enemy to a servile population. Facilitate the
evacuation of most of the enemy population and incorporate the rest into
your population. Reunite your ancient homeland under your exclusive control,
declare victory, peace, and praise G-D.

If you stop and think for a moment, there are those who are attempting to
implement a combination of these choices, as we speak. No, not Kahanist
elements, the Jewish settler movement and the far-right fringe in Israel;
but Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah - such as their Tanzim and Al-Aqsa
Brigades - and others. They see a military solution to the conflict.

Just listen to what Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi recently said, "We will
continue with our holy war and resistance until every last criminal Zionist
is evicted from this land. By G-D we will not leave one Jew alive in
Palestine. We will fight them with all the strength we have. This is our
land, not the Jews."
I'll give the last word (temporarily) to Ruth Matar of Women in Green:
Many articles have been written full of admiration for the Jews who “carry on as usual” after every horrific terror attack. To do otherwise, these pundits maintain, would mean giving in to terror.

The truth is exactly the opposite. Carrying on a normal life as if nothing has really happened is giving in to terror. It is time to call it quits, to say “enough is enough”, and stop proceeding down a path that has failed again and again.

I am now going to quote from an article in today’s Jerusalem Post by my friend Michael Freund, Deputy Director of Communications & Policy Planning in the Prime Minister’s Office under Binyamin Netanyahu. He has put into words exactly how the majority of us feel.

“Oslo is an experiment whose time has passed; only a ‘mad scientist’ would be willing to press forward with it. The only way out of the current morass is for Israel to reassert full control over Judea, Samaria and Gaza, dismantle the Palestinian Authority and destroy the infrastructure of terror. It won’t be clean, and it won’t be pretty, but a Government’s first priority is to protect its citizens, not to appease international public opinion.

“If the past ten years teach us anything, it should be that forgoing our Divine and eternal right to this Land, inevitably leads to an erosion in our security and well being. The two are inextricably linked, and we must no longer shy away from making this clear to the world.

“The first step toward healing this nation is to heal the rift in the Land and to reclaim what is rightfully ours. We spent the past decade trying to divide it and look where that has gotten us.

“The time for retreat is over. Now, let us move forward, and advance, and take back our Land, once and for all.”

President Bush, in his recent prime-time address, to the American People, requested $87 billion from Congress for the continued fight against terror and the post-war transformation of Iraq. He also stated that some of those attacking American soldiers and their allies are “foreign terrorists”. Strangely, President Bush did not mention them by name. However, it has been revealed that a large number of these “foreign terrorists” are PALESTINIAN ARABS.

During the war itself Arafat sent instructors to Iraq to train Iraqi suicide bombers. Why did President Bush omit telling the truth about the identity of these “foreign terrorists”? Because he might have lost the support of many Americans for the “Road Map to Peace” and the very idea to reward terror with a state carved out of the Holy Land?

Dear friends: Deluge President Bush with letters and phone calls. The Oslo Accords and the Road Map, the whole so-called “peace process”, is nothing but a Jew killing process. Demand of President Bush to cancel American support for the “Road Map”, to take away the restraints on Israel to defend itself, and to actively stop this second holocaust.
Israel remembers 9/11.

It's time for Americans, especially American Jews, to remember ISRAEL and what she faces 24/7.

To: President Bush ~ president@whitehouse.gov

Cc: Ariel Sharon ~ pm_heb@pmo.gov.il