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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Arafat: "I'll dismantle HAMAS when Israel agrees to dismantle theIDF"

Terrorist infrastructure will not be removed because there is no terrorist infrastructure!
From Jerusalem Newswire:
In a series of interviews with Israeli media Wednesday, Arafat insisted that despite the PA's signed agreements, the terrorist infrastructure would not be removed because there was no terrorist infrastructure.

"This is not infrastructure. This is an opposition that you built, and that you armed," the PLO chief responded to a question by Yediot Ahronot regarding the PA's Road Map obligation to dismantle the terror network.

Arafat demanded that if he must dismantle Hamas, then Israel must dismantle the IDF. The aging terror chief then contended he knew what true "military infrastructure" was, because he was an "army general."

Over the past week, Arafat has forwarded his own plan for a broad "ceasefire" between Israel, the PA and the terrorist organizations in lieu of honoring the PA's pledge to combat the terror groups.

Israel has refused to take the proposal seriously, maintaining that a similar truce (one Israel was not a partner to) brokered by former PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas earlier this summer gave the terror groups a chance to regroup before being shattered by a wave of Palestinian homicide bomb attacks.