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Monday, September 22, 2003

Arutz Sheva: Australian Bishop says Palestinian attacks "a desperate cry for justice"

(IsraelNN.com) A prominent Australian cleric has justified Palestinian terror attacks against Israel, asserting they are a “desperate cry for justice”, the Canberra Times reports.

In an address to the synod of his diocese, George Browning, the Anglican Bishop of Canberra, denounced Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, saying that the Jewish state is “perpetrating continued humiliation and deprivation of the Palestinian people.”

“Terrorism must be condemned,” Browning said, “it is too often an action of simple bastardry. However, it is not always: in Palestine it is as much a desperate cry for justice in the face of injustice.”

While the bishop did say that he supports Israel’s right to exist and condemns “terrorist attacks on civilians”, he added that, “I equally condemn Israel's calculated moves to produce justification for the minimalising of Palestine”.

He also said that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "should seek an invitation from Palestinians to spend a few nights in Ramallah or Nablus (Shechem). He could walk amongst people in the street and local market, visit the local hospital, and talk to children at the school. This would be the way of real hope." (By Michael Freund, International Affairs Correspondent)

The article doesn't say if the bishop has been to Israel. I would like to see him "seek an invitation" to ride the buses there, ride "amongst the people," visit the local hospitals and rehabilitation units and talk to the children who've lost their legs, their eyes, their hearing, their parents, their bubbies and zaydies, their sisters and brothers. . . and tell them that what happened to them, their bodies, their lives, their families and their world . . . is justified . . . because Palestinians feel humiliated and deprived.