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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Bombing occurs mid-Email from a friend in Jerusalem, who just returned there from living in Boulder

Our Dear Friends,

So here we are in our beautiful Jerusalem home. Settling in has been a confusing experience. I know this place and I don't. My favorite bread shop disappeared in favor of yet another hairdresser. Before I have time to mourn the loss I discover it up my street, smaller premises but the same wonderful loaves!

The best news, if you asked the kids, are that our cat is back. When we left Israel, our neighbors took upon themselves to look after him, but as he is an independent creature and the king of the streets they didn't see too much of him. After a few days he came by into our garden. Two days of food convinced him to enter our home, and within a week he moved back in, sleeping on his favorite couches if we have never left!

Elul has started and with it a cooling of the nights. Being in a Jewish land is a daily delight. The bus driver is listening to a torah tape, and the restaurants are all Kosher! Hoorey for the Kosher Burgers. A new sign of the times: All the restaurants have a guard, and all customers have a 50 cents security fee charge to their bill.

My sister's baby twins are much cuter in person. It is good to be able to offer her another pair of hands from time to time………………

As I got to this point in writing this letter I heard a big explosion, followed by sirens. Oy. The pain, fear, suffering hatred! This one happened down the street from my house, just where we take the bus every day. For those who know it is emek refaim next to Yaacub shop.

Love you, and quite shocked,