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Thursday, September 11, 2003


As we commemorate the second anniversary of September 11th, and stand in solidarity with the families of the nearly 3,000 people murdered by terrorists, the Simon Wiesenthal Center urges President George W. Bush to stay the course in the war against terrorism for if we don't fight them today, there will surely be more 9/11's tomorrow. Because of this, yesterday's back-to-back suicide attacks in Israel, which killed 15 and wounded over 70, demands action from the civilized world. Please join the Simon Wiesenthal Center in calling on President Bush to support Israel's right to protect the lives of her citizens in light of the continued attacks by terrorist groups against innocent Israelis.

Click here to join the Simon Wiesenthal Center's emergency appeal to President Bush calling for:

* The United States and the rest of the civilized world to support Israel's right to protect the lives of her citizens by mounting an operation against the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership and destroying the infrastructure of terrorism once and for all. Make no mistake because these terrorists groups want nothing less then the total destruction of the State of Israel.

* The removal of Yassir Arafat from power as president of the Palestinian Authority as peace is not achievable under the current Palestinian leadership and the sooner he is removed, the sooner legitimate moderates from among the Palestinian people can emerge to lead them in creating a peaceful future alongside their Israeli neighbors.

Time is short. As you read this appeal other homicide bombers are on the loose. After the latest massacres, Palestinians in Gaza City took to the streets celebrating the mass murders while Hamas leader and Holocaust denier, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, warned, "more responses are on their way."

Liquidating the terrorist infrastructure is what every member state of the United Nations would do if their own countries faced continuous and similar attacks by terrorist groups against their innocent citizens.

Israel is fighting for her life - Her future depends on your actions!