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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Grisly and unnerving

On Saturday night, Sept. 6th, I posted on this blog a headline: "A pox on the Swedish Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh" and the following entry:
"Of course Arafat´s unwillingness to give Abu Mazen increased power was decisive, but Abu Mazen´s position would have been much stronger if Israel had also contributed to the peace process," Lindh told Swedish radio at an EU foreign ministers meeting in the Italian Alps.
I thought her statement was excruciatingly unfair. After all, Israel had removed road blocks and checkpoints, torn down Jewish settlements, relinquished control of some predominantly Arab cities, released hundreds of millions of dollars to the PA and hundreds of Palestinian criminals to the streets. . . but contribute to the peace process? Nah.

The grisly and unnerving part is that Anna Lindh was attacked and stabbed yesterday in a department store in Stockholm. She died in the early hours of this morning. My condolences to the Swedish people; I understand they loved her well.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, right, escorts Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister and
then European Union representative Anna Lindh to his headquarters in Gaza City
in this March 12, 2001 AP file photo (Laurent Rebours).

Oh, and one more thing: Hey, Yasser, watch out.