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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's "fall fundraising" time at NPR

It's always good to be reminded that there really are many good people out there, paying attention and responding with appropriate outrage to NPR's entrenched bias against Israel. Check this out, and remember, not a Jewish plug nickel to the coffers of NPR - and for good reason:

To: Morning@NPR.org

Thanks for reinforcing my commitment to not pledge any monies to you anymore, after years (decades) of doing so through my local station.

Your coverage today about the fence building in Israel presented the one side you wanted to present: the "con". Even the Israelis that you interviewed were ones who had nothing, or something negative, to say. Do you really think there are not large numbers Israelis who DO support this?

Building a fence is not what Israel wanted to do. You can make it out to be a land-grab all you want. But as you also aptly reported, this is the now the 3-year marking of an uprising that has unleashed unimaginable terror attacks upon civilian Israelis, well within the borders of Israel!

Israelis want peace - not a fence. Israel has offered land for peace since 1948 - "no deal" from the Arabs; "no deal" from the Palestinians. What Israel HAS gotten is attacks and wars that no legitimate country should ever have had to endure for these past 50 years.

The Israelis can remove a fence once they have a partner in peace. Oh, pity the woman and her family that will be separated from her extended family by the fence!?!? What about the families forever shattered by a suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus that was filled with women and children? This woman still has her family; these Israeli families DO NOT.

If a fence can avert even one successful suicide bombing, wouldn't that be worth it - if it is your family? your friends?

So thank you again - at this time of "fall fundraising" - to remove any pangs of guilt from my commitment to no longer provide any money for your brand of "fair and balanced" reporting.

Boulder, Colorado

Kol hakavod to the writer. Let us all go "from strength to strength" and send our monies to Israel instead of "National Palestinian Radio."