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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Kol hakavod to Internet Haganah:
Confronting Islamist Terrorism and its Supporters Online

for important work well done and for the reminder of what it takes to make a difference
September 21, 2003

A word of thanks to those who give damn

Eight sites dropped off the face of the internet tonight. They were sites of Hamas, of Al Qaida, of Ansar Al Islam. I expect most of them will recover and be back online in the not too distant future, and Haganah will be waiting for them. In the meantime the people who pay for and maintain the affected sites will be exposed to a much greater degree than they would during the day to day operations of their sites. Every move they make as they hustle to get their sites back online will generate telecommunications traffic and financial transactions, all of which will be logged somewhere, by someone.

We've participated in taking down at least 272 web sites of Islamist terrorist organizations, of their supporters and their apologists since we started keeping score a year and a half ago, and Al Qaida blames us for at least another 20 takedowns that we've never acknowledged. The 8 sites that went down today, like most of 264+- that preceeded them, went down not as a result of illegal activity, nor as a result of any mass protest. No, they went down because one person who gave a damn and was in a position to make a difference, did so.

Thank you.
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