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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Kol hakavod to Jonathan Goler at MIT

Student told to remove Israeli flag from dorm window -- fellow student finds it offensive and inflammatory
I happened onto this story by accident, so it's a bit dated -- August 17, 2003. As of that date, a fellow student had complained to the administration, the schoool had instructed him to remove the flag, but the owner, Jonathan Goler, had refused to do so.
Arjun Mendiratta G, a member of the Social Justice Cooperative, said the group saw this as “not so much a free speech issue, [but] more of a community issue.”

“If people in the community feel it’s offensive,” MIT should do something about it, he said.

“MIT has a responsibility to ensure a comfortable living and working environment for all students,” Mendiratta said.

“Looking at this as a free speech issue ignores some of the real points that are there,” he said.

Sriram, the Sidney-Pacific president, said the ban on publicity materials inside the building was out of respect for fellow residents. He said the prohibition on objects and postings on the exterior of the building was for respect for the neighbors, since the building “interfaces with Cambridgeport.”
Read the whole story in the MIT Tech.