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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Left, Right or Center?

A letter from Yair in Israel, via Naomi Ragen

Israelis have a few on-line newspapers. One of them, Y-net, lets readers post reactions to news articles. I found a letter from a fellow name Yair, that I think is worth posting to all of you. In reaction to the recent targeted killings of Hamas terrorists, this is what Yair had to say:
"Can someone tell me if I'm a rightist or leftist? Please don't insult me, or give me grief, because it's a real question and I really want to know.

I'm happy for every terrorist who's killed, but I want to give them their own state.

I want them to have a state, but I want a wall between their state and mine which is a kilometer high and two kilometers deep.

I'm against killing Arafat. But I wouldn't hide my satisfaction if the army put something in his tea.

I believe that you make peace with enemies, but these low-lives, you can't believe a word they say.

So what am I, a rightist or leftist?"
Some of the reactions of other readers included the following.

"You're neither. You're simply sane."

"You express what the great majority of us feel."

"You are definitely a leftist. I voted Meretz, and I feel the same way."

You are absolutely on the right, like me."

My reaction?
My dear friend, you are simply confused, like the rest of Israelis. That's why you suggest giving terrorists a state, and think a wall --however high-- is going to keep them from trying to kill you. You understand that Arafat has to go, but you don't want the responsibility of doing it. You desperately want to negotiate with normal people and reach a political solution, and you refuse to understand that you are not in a political conflict, but a religious and cultural war which has no solution other than to defeat the other side's attempt to annihilate you. But you are my brother, and you certainly do speak for the majority in my country.

-- Naomi Ragen