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Friday, September 19, 2003

Newsweek reporter covers Rachel Corrie story for MotherJones.com

the ISM & Electronic Intifada don't like it one bit
Joshua Hammer is the Jerusalem bureau chief for Newsweek. He is the author of Chosen by God: A Brother's Journey, about his younger brother's decision to become a member of an ultraorthodox Hasidic community, and A Season in Bethlehem: Unholy War in a Sacred Place, which was published in September.

Hammer has now written "The Death of Rachel Corrie" in the Sept/Oct 2003 issue of Mother Jones. The anti-world is seething and whining about it, so I figure it must be good. It's at least good enough for the ISM to send out this Action Alert for all pro-terror advocates to immediately write to Mother Jones to complain:
Some of you may have already caught the terribly-written article by Joshua Hammer, the bureau chief for Newsweek in Jerusalem, published in Mother Jones Magazine about the death of Rachel Corrie and the International Solidarity Movement. The article is ridden with inaccuracies, half-truths, and misrepresentations that seem to be the result of poor journalism, including the reliance on right-wing websites for information, and plagiarism.

Please take a few minutes to write to Mother Jones Magazine, expressing your disappointment with such poor standards of journalism for such a reputable magazine. Ask that they retract the article and give the ISM space to present itself and the circumstances surrounding Rachel’s death accurately.
Must be good, huh?

Cindy Corrie, right, and husband Craig, the parents of American International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie carry two olive trees they later planted in the Rafah Refugee Camp in southern Gaza Strip Friday, Sept. 19, 2003. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Here's a quote that the Electronic Intifada really hates, apparently the only one Hammer uses to describe Corrie's Evergreen College:
"The radical ideologies espoused every day at Evergreen State College are of every nasty branch of extremism," one columnist recently wrote. "Anti-Americanism. Anti-God. Anti-life. Anti-Israel. Anti-capitalism. Anti-tradition."

See also this story from the "Green Left Weekly" about how the IDF, Civil Administration and Israeli police are interfering with completion of a Rachel Corrie memorial mural in East Jerusalem.