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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Our thanks to a Zulu prince

South African interior minister: ISRAEL IS NOT APARTHEID
by Yossi Melman, in Ha'aretz
"I certainly understand," says Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi as he passes through the metal detector like everyone else in the strict security screening at the entrance to the Tel Aviv University auditorium.

South Africa's minister for home affairs rejects calling the Israeli occupation and its treatment of Palestinians "apartheid," as do Palestinian leaders and their supporters in the European left and the Third World.

"The Israeli regime is not apartheid. It is a unique case of democracy," he said in an interview with Haaretz yesterday between debates in the conference marking Shimon Peres' 80th birthday.

If the Palestinians asked him, he would advise them to avoid violence and to prefer negotiations. "Armed struggle and violence do not solve problems, only create them, and generate more violence, in a vicious circle of revenge and counter revenge, as happened [in South Africa]."

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Do you think the ISMers are listening? Charlotte Kates over at Rutgers?