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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Rosh HaShanah Joy Shattered

Terrorist Kills Baby and Man Friday Night - Two Others Seriously Wounded

Shaked Abraham was 7 months old. This was her first Rosh HaShanah, her first celebration of a New Year. She was murdered in the sanctity of her own home, at her family's holiday table, for being a Jew. She wasn't even old enough to speak the word.

The terrorist also killed 27-year-old Eyal Yeberbaum. He was buried at midnight tonight.

Jerusalem Post reports: A Palestinian gunman broke into the settlement [of Negohot] and made his way to one of the caravans there. The attacker knocked on the door of the home inside which a Jewish family and guests were sitting down to Rosh Hashana dinner. Yeberbaum, armed with a handgun, opened the door and was shot and critically wounded. He died a short time later.

The owner of the house and a visiting soldier picked up their weapons and fired at the gunman, who peppered the caravan with bullets while trying to escape. One of the bullets sailed through the caravan and hit a seven-month-old baby girl who was sitting in her pram. The baby was critically wounded and died a short while later.

. . . An Israeli volunteer from the Orthodox Jewish emergency organization ZAKA cleans blood from the entranceway to the settlement home which was the site of the killing of an infant and a man during a family holiday dinner, in Negahot, a small settlement near the West Bank town of Hebron, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003

An army reserve unit protecting the settlement was also sitting down to dinner at the time the first shots rang out. The soldiers left the dining hall and rushed to the caravans, where they spotted the terrorist. At first, the reservists thought the man was a settler, as he was wearing civilian clothing and was carrying an M-16 with telescopic sight. The soldiers called on the man to take cover inside one of the caravans, but he turned to them, yelled Allah HuAkbar (God is great) and opened fire on them. The soldiers returned fire and killed the terrorist.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
The murderer was 22 years old, released from an Israeli prison two months ago.