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Sunday, September 07, 2003

To Governor Taft, OSU President Holbrook and the people of Ohio:

To: Governor.Taft@das.state.oh.us; bigfeather.1@osu.edu

Cc: letters@dispatch.com; letters@plaind.com
I beg you not to allow the Palestine Solidarity Movement to hold a student conference at Ohio State University. If this were simply an advocacy group for the human rights of Palestinian people, then fine, but there's more to their agenda.

The student organizations under this umbrella call for the elimination of Israel and actually support terror attacks against civilians as the means. Such positions seem to me a genocidal threat.

Academic freedom and freedom of speech entitle each of us to announce our beliefs at the top of our lungs from any street corner. We do not all equally share, however, in the right to a microphone and podium in a state-supported university. That remains a matter of public discernment and choice.

The people of Ohio, and the officials who represent them, are poised between two clear choices: you can either legitimize - or marginalize - the current threat against Jewish existence.

Will join us in saying, NEVER AGAIN? Or will you cast your lot with those who cry, "Palestine will be free from the river to the sea"?

Please consult any map of the State of Israel, and then your conscience. In that order.

Anne Lieberman
Boulder, Colorado