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Sunday, September 07, 2003

What did Israel intend?

Founder of HAMAS, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, only lightly injured in attack

This from Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director of the Independent Media Review & Analysis (IMRA) in Israel:
Political Choice of Small Bomb Saved Sheik Yassin

Aaron Lerner Date: 6 September 2003

Israel Television defense correspondent Ronnie Daniel reporter this evening
that when Israel security officials discussed with DM Mofaz and ultimately
PM Sharon the decision to kill Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin today as Yassin met
with Hamas leaders, they found that they had to strike a balance between
insuring the success of the operation and limiting criticism of the
operation. Daniel noted that the compromise was to use an F-16, a platform
capable to deliver a bomb of a size sufficient to insure success, but to
drop only 250 kilogram bomb.

Israel knew that Yassin was located on a bottom floor of the building. It
should be noted that PM Sharon has vast military experience and has been
involved in operations that required the pinpoint destruction of
multi-storey buildings of similar construction. The 250 kilogram bomb
destroyed only the top floor of the building.

As a result of the use of a 250 kilogram bomb instead of a 1,000 kilogram
bomb Yassin survived the attack with minor injuries.