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Sunday, September 28, 2003

While Jews were praying for peace in the New Year, the world was on the march Saturday . . . against Israel

In Sofia, Bulgaria

In Barcelona, Spain

Banner reads, "No Occupation in Iraq and Palestine"

In Athens

In Istanbul

Turkish protestors hold banners that read: "Long Live Global Intifada!"

In Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistani women carrry signs saying, "Sharon - Butcher" and "Stop Killing Children in Palestine."

In Paris

Parisian protestors hold parts of fake wall, symbolizing separation barrier being built by Israel.

And last, but not least, in Berlin

Protestor holds up red-painted hands in imitation (and glorification) of lynching of Israelis in Ramallah:

Meanwhile, Palestinians on Sunday celebrated three years since the beginning of their present war of terror against Israel. I just can't bear to post any more tonight. If you're anxious to see photos of more Jew-haters, you'll have to wait til morning.